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Principal's Letter

Greetings to all our great Butcher-Greene families and friends! We hope you are enjoying the changing of the seasons and the growth your child is making in school. We enjoyed having the chance to meet with you during the fall Parent/Teacher Conferences and look forward to continuing to partner with you through the year.


As the weather grows ever more chilly, we are keeping an eye out for our BG Bears’ comfort and safety inside and outside of the building. If your child needs a warm coat, gloves, or a hat, please reach out to us. Laura McCoy, our school counselor, has resources at hand to help. When temperatures and wind chills reach very low levels we keep the kids inside, but most days the kids need the chance to get their wiggles out by going outside and we want to make sure they are warm while they play!


In this week’s Friday folder we are including a flier from our partner in supporting BG Bears, BIST. Throughout the year you may hear students, teachers, and administrators talking about “BIST” and we would like you to have some information to help you understand how the processes and supports help our kids.


BIST is based on two big principles: GRACE and ACCOUNTABILITY.

Grace is unconditional acceptance of students, but not negative behavior.

Accountability is allowing students to accept responsibility for themselves and their actions.

If you were to listen in on a conversation between a teacher or student you might hear a reminder that it’s never ok at BG to be hurtful or disruptive but it’s always ok to need help…and at BG we want to help our kids with any obstacles, big or small.


BIST also helps students work on three really important life skills:

  1. I can be okay even when others are not.
  2. I can be angry or upset without getting into trouble.
  3. I can do what is asked of me, even when I don’t want to.


With the help of BIST, we believe we will improve and strengthen relationships among teachers, students, and parents. We will be working hard to teach students life skills, create more and better focus during learning, and decrease the need to remove students from regular classroom instruction for disruptive or distracting behavior. Learning how to regulate emotions and mastering those big three life skills is as important as academic work in school and we look forward to seeing each child flourish in all areas of their school day.


We hope you continue to have a fabulous November!


Warmest regards,


Kelly Nash