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Our Principal

Kelly Nash is a dedicated and experienced educational leader, currently serving as the principal at Butcher Greene Elementary since the 2019-2020 school year. With a passion for fostering academic excellence and creating a nurturing learning environment, Ms. Nash brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Grandview C-4 community.
Before joining Butcher Greene Elementary, Ms. Nash made significant contributions to the field of education as a Project Program Specialist Consultant at the Missouri Department of Education's Regional Professional Development Council. Her role involved collaborating with educators to develop and implement innovative strategies and initiatives that enhanced teaching and learning across the region.
Prior to her work at the Missouri Department of Education, Ms. Nash honed her leadership skills during her tenure as an elementary principal for five years. During this time, she successfully guided her school community towards academic growth, while fostering a positive and inclusive school culture.
Ms. Nash's educational journey has been enriched by her experience as an elementary assistant principal and a dedicated classroom teacher. Her time spent in these roles provided her with valuable insights into the diverse needs of students and the importance of building strong relationships with both students and parents. With her proven track record of leadership and commitment to student success, Kelly Nash continues to inspire and empower students, teachers, and the entire Butcher Greene Elementary community. 
Kelly Nash
Butcher-Greene Principal